Knowledge Linking and sharIng in research dOmainS 

KLIOS aims to develop an open access, participatory infrastructure for linking medical scientists and scientific data/information/resources. The architecture of the service is based on two fundamental pillars:

  • Interconnection and integration of scientific resources through a mesh of meta-data;
  • Networking and community facilitation for scientists as well as non-experts.

KLIOS is realized as a multidimensional virtual community environment where scientists (and non-scientists), research institutions (including research facilities and other stakeholders such as libraries and publishers), and research resources (ranging from raw data to published results to processing tools and beyond) are all participating as distinctive social entities. These diverse entities (humans, resources, organizations) are interlinked in a graph-like way based on their relationships which are built using Semantic Web and Linked Data paradigms.

At present, KLIOS provides contents belonging only to the ophthalmology domain but other areas will be added soon so you are suggested to bookmark this page and click on the HELP menu to know how to use the service and join the community.

You are welcome to try the SEMANTIC SEARCH function which returns information contained in the KLIOS Repository, in DBpedia and in PubMed.

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